Dag Steinar Thelle

Dag Steinar Thelle, MD, PhD, FESC. Current position:  professor (emeritus) of cardiovascular epidemiology and prevention, University of Gothenburg, and professor (emeritus) of epidemiology, University of Oslo. Principal investigator: The Tromsø Studies 1974-1988, Oslo Health Study 1998-2000, INTERGENE research programme 2001-2006 (Gothenburg). Participated in the creation and activities of the Working Group on Epidemiology and Prevention of the European Society of Cardiology. 1992-2000 co-director of the Ten-Day Teaching Seminars of The World Heart Federation.

Current research interests: Risk factors for cardiovascular disease with emphasis on the interaction between lifestyle and certain genotypes, social conditions as well as mental problems on the overall risk of coronary heart disease. Leisure time physical activity and atrial fibrillation.

Dag Steinar Thelle’s publications are listed here.

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