National and international atrial fibrillation experts have joined forces in the Norwegian Atrial Fibrillation Research Network (afib.no) to increase and improve atrial fibrillation research in Norway. The network will collaborate to acquire better understanding of the arrhythmia and its consequences, and contribute to improved and individualized care for the patients and subjects at risk. Furthermore, the network will disseminate qualified and up-to-date information on atrial fibrillation to the patients, the public, healthcare professionals and researchers.

The network is led by professor Arnljot Tveit MD, PhD (PI) and Ingrid E. Christophersen MD, PhD (Co-PI) at the Department of Medical Research, Bærum Hospital, which is the core research group site in the network. All atrial fibrillation researchers at Bærum Hospital take part in the network activities with different tasks.

The national network members and international partners are listed here.

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