Guido Claessen

Guido Claessen, MD, PhD

Guido Claessen

MD, PhD. Assistant Professor at Department of Cardiovascular Sciences KU Leuven, Adjunct Clinic Head at Department of Cardiovascular Diseases at University Hospitals Leuven, Honorary Researcher at Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute Melbourne, Chair of the Medical Committee of Belgian Cycling and Nucleus Member of the EAPC Sports Cardiology and Exercise Section.

Clinical expertise: management of highly-active individuals with cardiac pathologies and patients with unexplained dyspnea using advanced imaging technologies, such as exercise cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and exercise echocardiography.

Research areas: The effects of exercise on the human heart and the integration of exercise evaluation into the clinical management of patients with vascular disease. Guido is one of the primary investigators on 2 international research initiatives, the Pro@Heart and Master@Heart studies, that assess the interaction between athlete’s heart, arrhythmias and rare genetic variants in the largest prospective cohort of endurance athletes to date. He is (co-) author of 56 scientific publications indexed in Web of Science (average of 11.9 citations per publication) and is regularly invited as faculty speaker at several international meetings.

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