Thomas Jespersen

Cardiac Physiology Laboratory: New models and targets for understanding and treating arrhythmia

In Prof. Jespersen’s research team the ambition is to bridge preclinical cardiac research to clinical investigations to biotech. The translational approach covers from biochemistry, imaging and molecular biology, to investigations of explanted tissue and hearts and research on small and large animal models.

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a major focus area in the laboratory. The laboratory has for many years focused on the electrical changes in AF and on targets – including pharmacological inhibition of these – involved in AF. Recently Prof. Jespersen’s team has also embarked on investigating structural changes and co-morbidities predisposing and sustaining atrial fibrillation.

Prof. Jespersen has previously coordinated the MSCA ITN EU network “AFib-TrainNet including 15 PhD students and 12 research institutions across Europe. Currently he is head of the Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy (DaCRA) and responsible for the cardiovascular research program at University of Copenhagen, including more than 100 PhD students.

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