Second annual meeting

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Thanks to all members for two inspiring days at Lysebu September 27-28, 2018!

In planning of the meeting, we aimed to focus on topics that our members have shown interest in. We are grateful to all presenters for their invaluable contributions – and to all attendees for creating a friendly forum full of lively scientific discussions.

Epidemiology – Dr. Emelia Benjamin gave a tour of AF research performed at the Framingham Heart Study, including seminal papers on risk factors and prognostic factors for AF.

Screening – Dr. Mårten Rosenqvist gave an overview of screening for AF – with emphasis on the Swedish STROKESTOP studies.

Imaging – Dr. Håvard Dalen gave a splendid lecture on echocardiography and the left atrium, about challenges and possibilities – the past and the future.

Electrocardiography – Dr. Pyotr Platonov shared his impressive insight into electrocardiographic markers in relation to AF; how atrial fibrillatory rate and heart rate variability may be predictors of outcomes in AF.

Genetics – Dr. Patrick Ellinor lectured on genetic causes of AF and how it may be used in clinical practice, whereas Morten Olesen gave an in-depth talk on genetic variation in the gene encoding the important sarcomeric protein Titin, in relation to AF.

Animal models – Pia Lundegaard showed us how zebrafish may be used to evaluate the function of genetic variants associated with AF. Eva Hesselkilde provided insight into the horse as a model for exercise-induced AF and for evaluation of new therapeutic tools against AF.

Last, we had a great abstract session, in which 5 strong candidates presented results from their AF research. We congratulate Dr. Inger Ariansen, who received the abstract presentation award of NOK 5000,-.

We were happy to see that many of you took the opportunity to meet for cross-institutional collaborations before and after the scientific program.

Remember to save de dates for next year’s meeting, which will be held at Lysebu on September 26-27, 2019!


Chief Biological Sciences Editor at Nature, Francesca Cesari, will attend next year’s meeting.

She will enlighten us on how to publish in high-impact journals and give our early-career researchers her best advice on how to present their science in a special session.

Don’t miss it!

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