Network member Marius Myrstad visited Melbourne, Australia with support from

With support from, network member Marius Myrstad has visited Melbourne, Australia for a research exchange at the Sports Cardiology lab at Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute. The Sports Cardiology lab at Baker is National Center for Sports Cardiology in Australia and is led by Associate Professor Andrè La Gerche. La Gerche was keynote speaker during the first workshop on exercise and AF in 2018 and is an network member.

La Gerche is interested in the interaction between exercise and heart function and has developed novel echocardiographic and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methodologies for assessment of the heart during exercise. Among the studies being conducted at the Sports Cardiology lab is a prospective longitudinal study of exercise-induced cardiac remodelling amongst elite endurance athletes (The Pro @ Heart study) and a study of effects of endurance exercise on the risk of AF among different groups of endurance athletes (The Pro AF Heart study). Both studies include MRI assessment of cardiac structure and function both at rest and during exercise.

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