Pro@Heart Symposium in Leuven, Belgium

Network members Eivind Sørensen (The Birkebeiner II Study), Turid Apelland, André La Gerche and Marius Myrstad (The NEXAF Detraining Study) attended the Pro@Heart Symposium in Leuven, Belgium September 24-26 2021. “Protecting the athlete by improving our understanding of athlete’s physiology” was the title of the symposium, and the program covered topics such as exercise-induced cardiac remodeling and arrhythmias in athletes, sudden cardiac death in athletes, devices for long-term monitoring of heart rhythm, exercise intensity monitoring, and functional cardiac imaging with MRI.

Network members Guido Claessen, Leuven, and Andrè La Gerche, Melbourne, presented the Master@Heart Study and the Pro@Heart Study, respectively. Both studies include endurance athletes in Belgium and Australia, aiming to improve the understanding of exercise-cardiac remodeling and its consequences.

Network members and NEXAF collaborators Andre La Gerche, Melbourne, Guido Claessen, Leuven, and Marius Myrstad, Bærum.
  Network member Turid Apelland together with Hein Heidbüchel, Antwerpen.
      The Pro@Heart Symposium was led by network member Gudio Claessen from Leuven.

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