Workshop 21 April 2022 Sex differences in AF

After two years of digital meetings it was a true pleasure to meet so many of you at Felix conference center in Oslo for the annual workshop!

We enjoyed two outstanding keynote lectures from dr. Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Berlin, Germany and dr. Andrea Russo, New Jersey, USA. We gained insight into the basic biological differences between women and men and their impact on cardiovascular physiology and pathology. Moreover, they both emphasized the importance of acknowledging research in sex differences as a separate field of expertise. If we want to address some of the many knowledge gaps in this field, we have to train researchers in the methodologies that are needed to answer our research questions adequately. There is ample opportunity to discover important mechanisms behind sex differences in AF, that may well be used to differentiate diagnostics and therapy. Hopefully, the new generations of AF guidelines will reflect this as well.

The rapid-fire session, in which many of our early-career researchers presented sex-specific results from their AF research, was a highlight. With only 6 minutes to their disposal, the 11 speakers gave excellent, inspirational talks!
Thanks to everyone!

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