The Research Council of Norway grants 12,5 mill NOK to afib research! network members Inger Ariansen and Trygve Berge, and collaborators, receive a major NFR (Research Council of Norway) grant of 12,5 million NOK, in a project aiming at innovative use of registry data to solve important clinical questions in the care of atrial fibrillation patients.

The RegTool AFNOR project (Registry tool for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation in Norway) is a collaborative research project within the addressing research questions related to stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation.

The project will establish a new national health data linkage aiming at assessing real-life dynamic risk of stroke in individual patients with atrial fibrillation. The project will explore if aregister-based stroke risk scoring tool can guide and improve clinical decision-making for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation patients.

RegTool AFNOR builds on the established collaboration between Bærum Hospital and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and includes researchers from University of Bergen, NTNU, University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital, Akershus University Hospital and University of Copenhagen. The project has developed formal user partnerships with the National Association for Heart and Lung Diseases, “Stroke” chapter (LHL Hjerneslag), and with the Practice Consultant Collaboration (PKO), general practitioners with a part-time position to promote collaboration in the interface between primary and specialist care. The Centre for Quality Improvement in Medical Practices (SKIL) and the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth will be consulted as dialogue user representatives, assessing the potential for innovation and implementation of the tool within primary care electronic medical records. The funding includes two new positions as researcher and  postdoc, in addition to project coordination and data management support at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. 

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