KLINBEFORSK grants 19,7 mill NOK to large Norwegian AF screening study!

Afib.no network members Sigrun Halvorsen and Jarle Jortveit, and collaborators, receive a major grant of 19,7 million NOK from the Norwegian regional health authorities (KLINBEFORSK), for the project The NORwegian atrial fibrillation self-SCREENing trial (NORSCREEN). The project is a randomized controlled trial aiming to recruit 20,000 Norwegians for self-screening for atrial fibrillation, using the ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor, a new Norwegian ECG patch. Participants will be 65 years or older (with one additional stroke risk factor) and will be randomly identified from the Norwegian Population Registry, and randomized to screening or no screening. The project will evaluate whether self-screening for atrial fibrillation can reduce the occurrence of stroke and other AF-related morbidity.

Tildeling av 97 millioner kroner til klinisk behandlingsforskning – Helse Sør-Øst RHF (helse-sorost.no)

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