Publication from AFstudien: Fully digital self-screening for atrial fibrillation with patch electrocardiogram

Edvard Liljedahl Sandberg.

This study aimed to assess the feasibility of a fully digitalized self-screening procedure for AF, i.e., the proportion of the included participants who managed to perform an interpretable ECG self-screening test (The Norwegian ECG247 Smart Heart Sensor). Secondly, we assessed the prevalence of AF (≥30 s) in those who performed the ECG tests.

Participants had to be ≥65 years with a minimum CHA2DS2-VASc risk score ≥ 2. A total of 2118 participants signed up, of which 1848 (87%) participants completed an interpretable self-screening test. The mean ECG monitoring time was > 6 days. AF was detected in 41 individuals (2.2%). The number needed to screen those performing the test was 45.

This study’s uniqueness is that participants performed nearly all aspects of the self-screening procedure, including passing an entrance test (exclusion/inclusion criteria), providing digital consent, self-reporting baseline characteristics/symptoms/medications/comorbidities, self-applying the heart sensor, and connecting it to their smartphone. All participants received digital feedback on their results.

I am very grateful for the funding and support provided by The Norwegian Atrial Fibrillation Research Network. Without it, this project could not have been realized.

Read the article here.

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