workshop 2021: Atrial Remodeling in Atrial Fibrillation

More than 50 researchers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, UK and Canada connected for a workshop on Atrial Remodeling in AF on Thursday April 15. The meeting started with one of the keynote speakers, dr. Pyotr Platonov who gave an excellent talk on “Electrocardiogrphic signs of Atrial Remodeling and risk of AF in ARVC“.

Pyotrs talk was followed by dr. Elizabeth Lyster Andersen, who elegantly presented “Echocardiographic findings from the Pre-Electric study”, showing reversed atrial remodeling after successful electrical cardioversion.

Dr. Peter Selmer Rønningen and dr. Magnar Gangås Solberg presented data on general and volumetric aspects of left atrial remodeling in an age cohort from the ACE 1950 Study.

The final presentation was held by keynote speaker dr. Stanley Nattel, who finished off with an outstanding presentation: “Clinical implications of atrial remodeling and what can be done about them” – all the way from Montreal, Canada.

We were delighted that the digital platform did not prevent us from having excellent talks and great discussions. Thank you all for contributing to the workshop, and remember to save the dates for our annual meeting on September 23-24, 2021.

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