Dear colleagues in

Our colleague Rikke Buhl in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a new, exciting project on paroxysmal AF in horses. She would appreciate our help in collecting used implantable loop recorders (ILRs) from Medtronic (Reveal Linq) for use in trotter horses. They aim to include 100 horses and have already received some ILRs from colleagues in Denmark, but not enough.

We view this as a great opportunity for our network to work. Please contact Rikke using her contact information below if you have any suggestions to from whom or how she can get a hold of some additional ILRs.

Rikke Buhl, Professor, DVM, PhD
University of Copenhagen
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Section of Large Animal Medicine and Surgery
Copenhagen, DENMARK
TEL +45 35 33 28 60
DIR +45 35 33 29 94

Thanks for your help!
Best wishes,

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